Identify and manage your cyber vulnerabilitiesin one platform

Import and scan your internal and external attack surfaces.

Manage your risks via dashboards, alerts, and powerful reporting.

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The fastest growing all-in-one cybersecurity platform with powerful reporting.

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Cyber Risk Solutions

Level up your company's cybersecurity posture

Hosted Scan Security
3rd Party Security Compliance
Vulnerability management for ISO, SOC, insurance, and other compliances
More on compliance
MSP Solutions
Affordable, scalable vulnerability scanning for MSPs and MSSPs
More on MSPs
External Vulnerability Scanning
Protect your business with external vulnerability scanning
More on external scanning
Internal Network Scanning
Securely scan LANs and other private networks
More on internal networks
Attack Surface Monitoring
Import all domains, IPs, and cloud accounts
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Centralized Risk Management
Triage vulnerability findings and generate executive reports.
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Your Entire Attack Surface

Leverage the industry's most trusted security tools

Scan your applications, networks, servers, containers, repos, and more...

Find insecure software and scan for Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs).
More on Open VAS
Ensure your firewall and network are configured correctly with nothing unintentionally exposed.
More on Nmap
Focus on your web application, and detects front-end and API vulnerabilities.
Analyzes your SSL/TLS configuration and detects bad certificates, weak ciphers etc.
More on Sslyze
Github Dependabot
Github Dependabot
Manage Dependabot vulnerabilities in one place.
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OpenAPI (Swagger)
Scan your APIs for potential weaknesses and security vulnerabilities.
More on OpenAPI
Centralize risks for your containers alongside your scans.
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Import via API
Bring in any third party risk source using our API.
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Powerful Reporting with Solutions

Our executive style report summarizes risk vulnerabilities, and provides detailed descriptions and solutions to the vulnerabilities discovered.

HostedScan Report Cover Example

Communicate vulnerability risks

Get an executive PDF to share. See at a glance the vulnerabilities detected across all your targets or dive into each target, prioritized by risk level.

HostedScan Report Summary Example

Export for your business intelligence

Use our built in reporting or export as CSV, JSON and XML to take into your BI tools, for full customization.

HostedScan White Label Report Example

White label reporting

Prepare custom white label reports for your clients. Make your logo and brand exclusive on the report.

Scheduling & notifications

Schedule your scans, with email alerts

When a new port is open, or a new risk is detected, automatically alert your team.

Cut out the noise. Only new or unexpected risks are alerted.

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Rest API + webhooks

Add targets, run scans, and get results programmatically.

Embed HostedScan into your own products and services.

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